Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock is a governing body of the state that formulates, coordinates, implements and evaluates the policies of the agri - food sector, to promote public - private partnerships in agribusiness, export of agricultural products, agro industrial, innovation and technological development and infrastructure improvement. With this they generate the conditions for the development of the actors of the sector; contributing to improving the food security and income of the Honduran population.


The strategic objectives are to develop the capacities of the actors of the agricultural sub-sector in production, productivity, marketing, competitiveness, phytosanitary and sanitary sanitation, generation and transfer of environmentally friendly agriculture technology, expansion of the infrastructure of the actors to increase production and productivity in the agricultural subsector by applying natural disaster risk mitigation and providing basic social infrastructure to the beneficiaries of rural competitiveness projects to improve the living conditions of the rural poor in the areas of influence.



The Secretary of Agriculture and Livestock was created with the purpose of supporting the development and transformation of the National Agricultural Sector.