2 extracting plants

Direct employment for over 4,700 people

Reforestadora de Palmas de El Petén, S.A. (REPSA)


REPSA has 2 extraction plants located in the municipality of Sayaxché, in the department of Petén, Guatemala, where it generates direct employment opportunities for more than 4,700 people (monthly average during the 12 months of the year) and indirectly for more than 25,000 people.



REPSA is a Guatemalan company, pioneer in the cultivation of palm in the country and the Central American region and leader in the innovation of the cultivation and responsible processing of oil palm.



It was created in 1999 and since its inception the operation has been guided by principles of economic, social and environmental sustainability. It has become an innovative and efficient company whose production meets the highest international standards of quality and sustainability, therefore, its vision is to position itself as a benchmark for the industry in terms of the responsible production of palm oil, the relationship with the collaborators, coexistence with neighbors, areas of influence and care for the environment.


For REPSA, corporate sustainability is equivalent to the continuous generation of economic, social, environmental and ethical value, beyond the physical boundaries of the company. In this sense, it implies investments related to the essence of the company's task in order to maintain its competitiveness.


REPSA's efforts in sustainability are framed within 3 fields of action: The adoption of the best practices and standards of the global industry in the production of palm oil, responsible management of the environment, the empowerment of local communities.


Evidence of REPSA's commitment to sustainability is the execution of institutional policies that guide the implementation of its good social and environmental practices, the main ones being: Responsible Production Policy for Palm Oil, which focuses on non-deforestation, no exploitation of indigenous peoples, workers, and local communities, in the management of water and effluents, and in transparency; The policy of prohibiting violence and intimidation; and the policy of "Zero" discharge of effluents.


In compliance with the policy axis related to transparency, REPSA communicated the progress in the execution of the Action Plan periodically. In addition, compliance with the plan was verified by an independent actor, the international organization The Forest Trust (TFT).