257 Partners (44 women)

5,622 Ha 

Palmicultores del Milenio del estado de Campeche Unión de Sociedades de Producción Rural de RI


Palmicultores del Milenio currently has a network of facilities for oil palm fruit collection, and weighing centers, as well as a palm oil extraction plant called "Don Jorge Mena" located in the community Rodríguez Cano, Carmen, which has allowed a source of income and employment for the inhabitants of the area.

As a social group they are committed to the development of palm cultivation under the sustainability standards demanded by the current markets.



They were incorporated as a company in January 2001. It started its activities, adopting functions of gathering, transporting and commercializing Fresh Fruit Palm Clusters (RFF).


In 2010 the Union of Palmicultores of Campeche U.S.P.R. of R.I. receives support from the FONAES (now INAES) programs for the creation of the first oil palm nurseries for 600 ha. This led to a greater demand for services, so from the hand of Financiera Rural, it began to function as a Credit Disclosure Entity (EDC), with the firm objective of supporting the partners to obtain financing for the development of their productive activities.