218 members

9,922 ha

The extraction plant will have a capacity

of 60 MT / h

Palmeros del Aguan Sociedad Anónima PALMASA

The mission of PALMASA is to satisfy the needs of its partners, suppliers, collaborators, and other interested parties through the efficiency and effectiveness in the production and marketing processes of palm oil products and their derivatives, purchase of inputs, and others, creating high standards of quality and sustainability, based on aspects of social, environmental and economic responsibility.


The vision of PALMASA is that by 2018 it will be a leading company at the national and international level in the processes of the production and marketing chain of African palm oil and its derivatives using technologies suitable for the course of the process and thus optimize the competitiveness with the support of an innovative, timely and motivated human capital with the interests and purposes of the company. Likewise the company will fulfill an important social function in the area where it carries out its operations, generating jobs and supporting the communities in their development and growth.


In addition, it is expected to improve the extractive capacity of the plant with the improvements to the crop, purchases to neighboring producers and planting in area available for expansion resulting in products of: crude oil, almond oil and coquito flour.



PALMASA is born from the years 2008-2009 through the interest of a small group of independent producers initially formed by 30 partners and a solidarity partner, united perceived the need to create a company extracting palm oil because in our country the price that was offered to them by the purchase of the fruit of the palm was very low. This idea was growing over time where this group of producers were interested in looking for better and new opportunities for growth and was then where they were presented with the opportunity to market in foreign countries as the sister Republic of Guatemala because it offered them a fair and / or favorable price, it was from that date onwards that the oil extraction company was set up, starting operations in February 2010, initially based in the city of Sabá, in the department of Colón, and currently in the community of Tepic-Bonito Oriental Honduras, CA.