Agglutinates 16 associative companies, settled in 4 settlements

Movimiento Unificado Campesino del Aguan MUCA


The MUCA is an organization that emerges from the need of the rural sector in the Aguan, becoming a social organization made up of men and women who struggle to conquer their rights and to improve the quality of life of their families.

Since its inception it has built the hopes of improving its companies to create better living conditions for each of the families and although there is much to progress as MUCA, the unity of struggle is always maintained to achieve each of the goals set since the birth of the organization.

Since the movement reclaimed land, the companies have dedicated themselves to all the tasks assigned to the production of African palm, thus becoming an economic base for all its members, since with this MUCA has generated employment in the areas where their settlements are located thus covering a little the most basic needs.

Due to the experience that, as a movement, MUCA provides social support to other organizations that are involved in the struggle for the rights of the peasantry, and thus to achieve equitable development for the peasant population.



In 1997, lawsuits were initiated against landowners who, with deceit and with the new Agricultural Modernization Act, took over land from the agrarian reform. In 2000, the organization called MUCA (The Unified Movement of the Aguan), the organization, which carries out various social pressure actions demanding that the purchases and sales of the lands belonging to the peasants of Bajo Aguan be clarified. that on December 9, 2009, actions were taken to recover land in the midst of the military dictatorship in the coup.