400 partners

Extractor with start capacity of 15Tn / hour



To increase from 30 to 45Tn / hour

“Industria Oleopalmex” Sociedad Anónima Promotora de Inversión De Capital Variable​


Company dedicated to the production of crude oil and products derived from African palm, focused on offering high quality products with efficiency and effectiveness, to reduce the negative impact on the environment, complying with the required quality and safety specifications, with a continuous improvement, satisfying the demands of customers, employees and compensation of shareholder partners.


To become a leading agro-industrial company with quality oil extraction and oil palm products nationally and internationally.


Recently it was possible to start the construction of the African palm oil extractor, which will take place in the municipality of Huehuetán, Chiapas. Which will have a construction time of one year three months to start with the extraction of oil and six more months to finish with the area of ​​palmistry.


Company 100% of the social sector, composed of 8 organizations (SPR) of the Soconusco region of the state of Chiapas, Mexico, which arises from the need to increase production areas and therefore high volume of production in times of rain causing losses of 50% of Fresh Fruit that remains in the field due to the reduced grinding capacity of the extractors in the region.


Legal concept. Created at the end of 2016 as a company that satisfies the milling of the Tons of Cluster of Fresh Fruit of the producers of the eight organizations.