Palmas Aceiteras de Honduras HONDUPALMA


HONDUPALMA is a company dedicated to the production and commercialization of palm oil and its derivatives, which, in compliance with its commitments with partners, partners, society, state and other interested parties, operates to promote sustainable development through quality management, food, social and environmental safety as well as occupational health, generating competitive products with high national and international standards. It is currently in the process of implementing the RSPO environmental standard.



HONDUPALMA is an agroindustrial cooperative enterprise of agrarian reform, belonging to the social sector of the economy that has become an important source of development for the Valley of Sula and all Honduras. A reality that has been forged thanks to the effort and dedication of its partners. A reality that is projected into the future with only one idea: to improve the living conditions of their families and collaborators, as well as to ensure the development of the country.