Generates approx. 7,200 jobs


It benefits more than 22,000 direct dependents


Reforestation program with more than 6 million trees planted

Corporación DINANT


In DINANT Corporation, the main business of the Agricultural division is the operation of Palma Aceitera in Honduras, with operations in the valleys of Lean and Aguan. It also has 43 hectares of protected crops for production and export of fresh vegetables, as well as other crops integrated into the supply chain of the consumer business. It has programs of renewable energy and organic fertilization, through projects of Biomass, Biogas, composting and irrigation with fertilizers, derived from oil Palm production processes.


More than six million native and fruit trees have been planted. DINANT has Wildlife Conservation Centers (CCVS), which ensures the reproduction, breeding and release of wild species such as: jaguar, red macaw, deers, green iguanas and dantas.


The company carried out a study for the lifting of the Social Baseline. The implementation of the Voluntary Principles of Security and Human Rights program; as well as a formal program of community relations, accompanied by the implementation of the Complaints Mechanism. They have been fundamental to the company's Social Management System.



Since its founding in 1960 to date, DINANT Corporation has diversified into the production and marketing of various mass consumer products, with presence in all of Central America and the Dominican Republic.